PRODUCT FOCUS: My Gas Companion app

PRODUCT FOCUS: My Gas Companion app

My Gas Companion is an independent, UK-based app for gas engineers that’s not affiliated with any manufacturers. It has been designed alongside installers to ensure you have the features you need – presented in the way you need them – when you’re out on the road.

The mission
The aim is to be the gas engineers’ app, simplifying and providing all the tools necessary to improve productivity, and taking the job to new heights while acting as a united voice for all gas engineers in the industry.

What’s on offer?
My Gas Companion is constantly growing. However, at launch it will offer:
1. Imperial and metric gas rate calculation for multiple gas types
2. Shopping list, for jotting down items to buy
3. Heat loss calculators
    Whole house boiler quick and simple sizing calculation
    Individual room radiator sizing calculation
4. Complete toolkit
    Secondary circulation pump sizing calculator
    Radiator output calculator
    Expansion vessel calculator
    CO/CO2 Ratio calculator
5. Boiler Lookup, which lets you look up all boilers from multiple criteria
    DHW flow rate @35°C temp increase
    Flue requirements (number of elbows etc)


How much does it cost?
My Gas Companion will be launching in March 2017 on the Apple iOS App Store for a one-off price of £2.99. An Android version is expected in the coming months.

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