PRODUCT FOCUS: Fernox F range

PRODUCT FOCUS: Fernox F range

To reduce time spent on site and minimise call backs, Fernox has reformulated its Cleaner F3, Protector F1 and Protector+ Filter Fluid products. The new formulations are said to have a much higher concentration of the main active ingredients, so a new 500ml bottle or 400ml Express canister within the ‘F’ range can now treat a 130-litre system – up from a 100-litre system previously – 16 radiators, and 250m2 of underfloor systems.

The Protector F1 products and Protector+ Filter Fluid feature improved pH buffering, meaning the occurrence of corrosion formation is significantly reduced in the system. The re-launched ‘F’ range of 500ml liquid and 400ml Express products have also undergone rigorous testing and the inhibitors have been certified by the NSF (BuildCert).


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