Pipe bending

Pipe bending

PHPI discovers a solution for one of the more common requirements of most plumbers – bending pipe.  

Bending pipe is likely a near everyday occurrence for some installers. Consequently, a comfortable, robust and accurate pipe bender is a must for professionals.  

Benditnow’s BC35 is a common copper stand bending machine supplied with formers and guides in sizes of 15,22 & 28mm.  

In order to produce great bends it is necessary to have accurate components. Benditnow’s formers are individually casted, then heat treated and finally painted. The working surfaces are machined using a computer-controlled lathe for an accurate machined finish.  

The guides that accompany the formers are from precision extrusions which are then cut and finished to the company’s specification. All turned parts are produced using computer-controlled lathes in the UK.  

The company also produces a BC42 machine – a larger machine than the BC35 to accommodate the bigger sizes to be bent. This unit has formers and guides in sizes 15,22,28,35 & 42mm and also has an extension tube with a soft touch grip to give greater leverage on the bending lever that may be needed for the larger sizes of copper.  

The 15 & 22mm hand bending machines ‘BHB’ can be used for many aspects of plumbing installations and are useful when space may be an issue. The product comes with 15 & 22mm aluminium guides and has been designed to be lightweight and easy to use. 

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