New sustainable plumbing pipe from REHAU 

New sustainable plumbing pipe from REHAU 

Polymer pipework manufacturer REHAU has unveiled its sustainable universal pipe system, RAUTITAN flex green, which, it says, offers over a 90% saving in production emissions compared to the company’s regular model.  

Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing & Technical at REHAU Building Solutions said: “Our new RAUTITAN flex green system is just another way we’re shaping a sustainable future by pioneering building solutions worldwide. 

“We believe that it’s important that we’re providing customers with real solutions to their sustainability issues, without losing sight on performance. This is why flex green is just as reliable, just as clean and just as flexible as our RAUTITAN flex offering.” 

The company says reliability is achieved through a permanently leak-tight connection with fittings and compression sleeves, with the pipe itself being the sealant and no O-rings required.  

Steve added: “We understand that our customers need products that help them reach sustainable building certifications and greener goals, which is why we’ve looked at creating viable solutions that help on both fronts.”   

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