New Armafix pipe support from Armacell

New Armafix pipe support from Armacell

The Armafix pipe support range now offers specifiers and installers better load capacity due to a new 100% recycled PET honeycomb core structure. The PET core is said to achieve excellent load-bearing performance, prevent thermal bridging and deliver excellent material durability for maximum lifespan.

The enhanced pipe supports are made from an environmentally-friendly PET core, which comprises 100% recycled material. PET is light-weight and has a high mechanical strength in combination with residual flexibility and a maximum service life. 

100% Upcycling
The new PET (polyethylene terephthalate) core is made from 100% recycled PET bottles, whilst 100% of production scrap flows back into the manufacturing of new PET blocks. Armacell PET products can be completely recycled at the end of their service life.

Utilising recycled PET is part of Armacell’s commitment to the ‘cradle-to-cradle’ principle for its product solutions. This concept is aimed at avoiding waste by recycling materials in a closed loop process.

Excellent technical and mechanical properties
The closed-cell structure and low thermal conductivity means that Armacell’s Armafix PET pipe supports offer excellent insulation properties, according to the manufacturer.

With a density of 100 kg/m³, PET is lighter weight than PUR cores. PET also displays higher pres­sure resistance than PUR and is resistant to aging. A further benefit of the new PET material is the residual flexibility which greatly minimises the risk of the material breaking on large pipe diameters.

Avoids condensation and heat loss
Pipe brackets in hot and cold installations represent a potential weak point in a pipework insulation system. If cold pipework is not thermally isolated from the pipe bracket, thermal bridging occurs, resulting in condensation and subsequent corrosion of the fittings.

This thermal bridging results in increased energy losses in both hot and cold installations, whilst condensation in cold systems can cause expensive secondary damage to other fixtures and fittings.

The Armafix pipe sup­port brackets are claimed to be highly effective at thermally isolating the pipework from the bracket, avoiding all these issues. Together with the adjoining Armaflex material it forms a highly effective, long term insulation system for hot and cold applications.

Cost effective and easy to install
Comparative calculations carried out by Armacell have shown that Armafix not only provides maximum reliability, but can also be installed more eas­ily, neater and quicker than standard clamps and pipe supports.

Plumbers and installers sim­ply snap the one-piece pipe support around the pipe and fix it in place using the self-adhe­sive closure. Glue is then applied to the butt ends of the pipe support to the tube material using adhesive.

The new Armafix pipe support brackets are available as Armafix AF, in the halogen-free Armafix NH version and as the low-smoke Armafix Ultima pipe support. In addition, the company offers the Armafix AF duct support for installing air ducts.

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