Navien | Smart Plus

Navien | Smart Plus

With controls now an integral part of any modern heating system, Navien’s Smart Plus wireless room thermostat offers a wealth of advanced features. When fitted alongside Navien’s LCB700 Blue Flame oil and NCB gas boilers, the advanced control further improves energy efficiencies – increasing the overall ErP rating to A+*. In addition, Smart Plus devices are also compatible with the latest smartphone technology.

One of the main features is the smart forecast check, which enables the heating system to check the weather forecast and adjust itself accordingly. When connected to Wi-Fi, Smart Plus is able to monitor external conditions on OpenWeatherMap, prior to reacting accordingly and ensuring a property maintains a comfortable temperature, while only using energy when needed.

Another significant function offered by Navien Smart Plus is its geofencing capabilities. Connecting to both the boiler and a smartphone, it works on the premise of turning the heating system on and off depending upon an occupant’s proximity to their home. This ensures no energy is wasted, as the boiler will not switch on until the phone is within a set range. This can also be set up for multiple users, ensuring everyone in the same household can benefit from maximum comfort.

Connecting Navien’s oil or gas boilers to the Smart Plus control pack not only delivers an A+ energy rating, it also provides simple control of up to three zones. This allows individual rooms or zones to be heated to a specific temperature, at different times of day. End users can then adjust the temperature settings in each zone to suit their personal preferences in each part of their property.

Finally, there is an intelligent mode when using the control with Navien’s LCB700 Blue Flame oil boilers. This mode pre-heats domestic hot water based on cumulative usage patterns, having ‘learned’ from an end user’s behaviour. Approximately a week of cumulative DHW user patterns is required prior to the mode being ready for activation.

Commenting on the controller, Sean Keleher, National Technical Manager at Navien, said: “Smart Plus can be installed alongside our combi, system and regular boilers. Utilising such modern controls offers a wealth of energy saving benefits; after all, not only do they enhance the reliability, functionality and efficiency of our boilers, end users can also use these devices to minimise their heating bills while enjoying optimal levels of comfort.”

Additional features offered by Navien’s Smart Plus include daily programming and holiday modes, as well as the option to boost the central heating when required. There are pre-heat and freeze protection functions, while the display can show the outdoor temperature, operating times and, in the case of oil boilers, how much fuel has been used.

*Navien LCB700 Blue Flame oil boiler with 3x Smart Plus controls has an overall rating of ErP A+ (98%)

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