Modutherm introduces NordFlex+ WiFi heat pump controller  

Modutherm introduces NordFlex+ WiFi heat pump controller  

Following the launch of its range of high efficiency heat pumps, Modutherm has introduced the NordFlex+ Wi-Fi controller. Designed for use with the company’s range of AW Monobloc heat pumps, the NordFlex+ is BMS compatible and allows up to 16 units to be operated from one device.  

The NordFlex+ uses cascade logic to ensure the heat pump system achieves the highest COP. The controller manages the compressor speed of all the heat pumps in a system to maximise efficiency in line with heating demand. A single ‘daisy chain’ data cable creates a control network of heat pumps and NordFlex+, so an isolated power supply to each outdoor unit minimises cable installation. 

The controller is capable of simultaneously handling up to four mixed heating/cooling circuits with different temperature zones.  

To simplify commissioning, engineers can preconfigure the control to suit a building’s heating system, so it is ready to use when it arrives onsite. 

Commenting on the controller, Ian Bradley, Managing Director of Modutherm said: “Our sustainable product offering is further enhanced by the NordFlex+. The controller allows for the integration of additional heat sources to create a hybrid system that can heat, cool and generate DHW at the same time. Plus, as it can be customised to incorporate additional inputs and outputs, the controller offers the additional benefit of precise, real-time energy monitoring.” 



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