Mixergy introduces Cube X

Mixergy introduces Cube X

Designed to provide heating and hot water when space is at a premium, the new Mixergy Cube X features patented volumetric heating technology and will deliver hot water only or space heating and hot water.  The company says it is ‘perfect for smaller apartments and properties that have been designed fabric-first’. The company says it can also be integrated into utility frame solutions, accommodating other appliances, possibly saving more space in the home.   

The Mixergy Cube X is also future-proofed for a future energy transition, boasting a modular lid that will allow for hot water today, and space heating tomorrow. Using the Mixergy Solar Diverter means any excess energy generated by a solar PV system that would normally be sent back to the grid can be stored and used for hot water or heating.  It can also connect with heat pumps to deliver both space heating and hot water, removing the need for two cylinders. 

The smart technology uses machine learning to anticipate the home’s needs and smart tariff integration means there is the possibility of further cost savings. 

Installers of the Mixergy Cube X do not require G3 unvented certification. 

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