Milwaukee | Pipe tools

Milwaukee | Pipe tools

PHPI takes a look at two tools from Milwaukee designed to make working with pipe more accurate and efficient.

M12 RAPTOR pipe cutter
The M12 RAPTOR pipe cutter is the latest pipe cutting tool in the Milwaukee M12 range – a 12v pipe cutter that can cut installed pipe in stainless steel, c-steel, and copper in sizes 12,15,18,22 and 28mm.

It features a high performance 380 rpm motor which has the capability of cutting 28mm stainless steel pipes in less than 20 seconds. Up to 90 cuts in 15mm stainless steel can be achieved with one M12 2.0 Ah battery pack.

Its rust and corrosion resistant cut head, and internal drainage system, makes the tool water resistant – an advantage for plumbers.

The tool also features an auto locking cut mechanism, which cuts installed pipe with as little as 40mm clearance. Its auto adjusting jaws adjust to pipe size, ensuring precision cutting.

The unit features a four-pole brushed motor, REDLITHIUM battery pack and REDLINK electronics to deliver the required power, run time and durability. It comes with a M12 FUEL 2.0 Ah battery, charger, and kit box.

M12 Press Tool
The M12 sub compact force logic hydraulic press tool has been designed for press fitting pipes together when installing new water systems, boilers and many more applications.

A small and light press tool – weighing just 1.8 kg – it provides user comfort, and its patented one hand operation allows users to work in restricted areas. It has a pressing range of up to 35mm metal and 40mm composite pipes and has a no press cycle limitation within the three-year maintenance interval.

The tool also features a four-step, precise battery status indicator and battery-tool communication. The pre-press battery check ensures enough charge to complete each press and will not start on a low-charge battery. This prevents incomplete pressing of the pipes, to give users peace of mind that they will get a superior press each time.

The individual battery cell monitoring feature optimises tool run time and ensures long term pack durability. Additionally, the press tool incorporates REDLINK overload protection, including in the battery pack. The tool comes with a M12 FUEL Ah battery, charger and kit box.

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