MCR Safety | Work safety gloves

MCR Safety | Work safety gloves

Touch screen interfaces have revolutionised operations in many areas. In addition to touch-screen machinery and equipment, there is genuine need to operate devices such as smart phones and tablets as a normal part of our everyday working lives. It would be totally counterproductive to introduce inhibiting factors that inadvertently sabotage our technological advantage. Those inhibiting factors include something as simple as hand protection and the humble work safety glove. It’s obviously an essential item of PPE that must be provided by law in many environments, yet it can be annoying and disruptive if it has to be removed every time you operate tech.

Hand protection
Industry has been crying out for a work glove you want to wear rather than one you have to wear – a glove that’s comfortable, durable and can be used with touch-screen devices. MCR Safety believes it has answered that call.

The manufacturer has recognised the need for a glove conducive with modern needs, yet still able to offer the required level of personal protection. Research and development has led to the introduction of a range of gloves that can be worn continually throughout the day without the need for removal when interacting with a screen.

Cut-resistant yarn
Starting at level ‘A’, used for general handling purposes, right up to level ‘F’ for high-risk environments, the range also spans the entire breadth of the EN388 cut resistance scale. Many of the gloves in the MCR range with touch-screen capabilities are also manufactured using a new innovation in cut-resistant yarn. It’s strong like steel and soft like silk and is completely exclusive to MCR Safety.

How is the new yarn different? Historically, glass fibre has been used to fortify yarn but it will not withstand heavy usage or repeated cleaning due to the brittle nature of its structure. It becomes fractured causing particles to break free and make contact with the skin. A source of irritation which renders the glove far less wearable.

The advanced new yarn uses micro-reinforcements. These ultra-fine fibres used in the CT1062, CT1063, CT1064 and CT1065 range deliver high levels of cut protection without including any glass fibre. The yarn is thoroughly tested, and demonstrates superiority in performance and durability, with the added benefit of being silky smooth, comfortable, flexible, and dexterous. with no risk of irritation to the skin.

Choice of coating
Research showed that offering a choice of different coatings could increase the appeal for these gloves in different sectors. The coatings are designed to maximise benefits and provide an ideal hand protection solution for a wide variety tasks and environments.

Coatings are used to enhance grip, dexterity, durability, breathability, resistance to oil and liquid penetration and, of course, comfort. They include, PU, Nitrile and Latex which are processed and applied in different ways to boost protective properties.

In addition to these traditional coatings, there’s another MCR Safety exclusive known as PuraTec, developed especially for premium quality hand protection. It’s water-based and completely free from DMF and silicon which means zero skin irritation, zero odour and it’s also non-allergenic.

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