Mark Vitow | Eye-Light

Mark Vitow | Eye-Light

New from Mark Vitow Ltd is the Eye-Light, a magnetic, flexible work light.

Eye-Light is a durable, long-lasting, rechargeable LED floodlight with a magnetic gooseneck designed to make sure installers can always get light exactly where it’s needed – completely hands-free.

Eye-Light can be used as a standalone light with the use of the metal stand, attached to metal surfaces using the strong magnetic foot, wrapped around objects, or even placed over the shoulders.

It runs for 3.5 hours at 1,000 lumens and over 7 hours at 500 lumens. The ultra-bright cordless light head is USB charged. Conveniently, it also doubles as a USB power bank.

The product comes in two versions – Eye-Light Plus with a 270 mm neck, and Eye-Light Pro with 450mm.

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