KNIPEX trio of pipe cutters 

KNIPEX trio of pipe cutters 

Slicing through pipes is all in a day’s work for plumbers and heating engineers and KNIPEX has created a range of pipe cutters to help – including the TubiX, BiX and DP50. 

To make operation in confined spaces as straightforward as possible, the KNIPEX TubiX Pipe Cutter adjusts and locks to the required size using just one hand, thanks to its QuickLock mechanism. The company says it comfortably glides through pipes ranging from 6 to 35mm in diameter, handling wall thicknesses of up to 2mm. When it’s time for a new edge, the tool’s design allows for instant wheel replacement with no tools needed – there is a spare tucked neatly in the handle. The XL version of this cutter cuts through copper, brass or stainless steel pipes up to 76 mm wide. 

The KNIPEX BiX is designed for plastic pipes, including high-temperature plastic drainpipes and electrical conduits, unreinforced plastic pipes or soft plastic and foam-core pipes. Two spare blades are integrated right into the tool and a secure locking mechanism ensures safe transport. 

The company’s DP50 cuts and chamfers common domestic plastic pipe up to 50 mm in diameter, although it is also capable of handling pieces as small as 10mm. The cutter features a glass-fibre reinforced plastic body. 

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