Heating Products – September 2019

Heating Products – September 2019

TF1 Omega+
The new nickel-plated brass filter has been developed specifically to meet the needs of larger systems and light commercial applications, with installation flexibility and high levels of system debris capture.

The filter is the latest addition to the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter range and protects the heating system with the same combination of a Neodymium magnet and Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology. The unit is also said to offer the same ease of installation and maintenance, as the larger, higher capacity filter can be installed on horizontal or vertical 1¼ and 1½ inch pipework in both flow directions, and even positioned at a 45° angle if required for confined or awkward spaces.

Advance Appliances
Plug & Glow 2
Advance Appliances has launched Plug & Glow 2, an improved version of the original Plug & Glow small stainless steel boiler. The new version features bespoke software and is the same size as the original version (120 by 195mm).

With a 27kW output, it has 22 connections for ease of installation, a 13 amp plug fitted and can be programmed twice a day with a five day/weekend option. Temperature is adjusted by a calibrated knob on the front of the case, or it can be controlled by an off board thermostat. The unit comes with a two-year guarantee.

Smart controls

Polypipe has developed a new range of smart controls compatible with home smart systems, allowing customers to adjust the temperature of their underfloor heating system using a smartphone, tablet or touchscreen thermostat. The controls are compatible with Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa and are designed to operate more efficiently – saving money and energy.

The range offers three different control options: Simple (dial thermostat), Standard (programmable thermostat) and Smart (internet enabled). Features and benefits across the range include frost protection, holiday function and optimum start.


Andrews Water Heaters
Following customer feedback on the original MAXXflo, Andrews Water Heaters has unveiled the MAXXflo EVO. With built-in BMS connectivity as standard, a new design and increased functionality, the enhanced unit is said to provide specifiers with a cost-effective means of meeting their customer’s individual hot water needs.

Available in 30 to 60kW models with a 200-litre capacity, and 30-120kW models with a 300-litre capacity, it is suitable for use in most commercial premises. With customer’s calling for boosted efficiency levels, the EVO has been designed to be low NOx, with emissions of 39mg/kWh and below.

CombiMag Dual
Kamco has upgraded its CombiMag Dual combination power flush heater and magnetic filter to incorporate a digital controller for the heating element for greater precision. The unit now incorporates an electric heater alongside a magnetic filter, as the company explains that flushing chemicals are more effective when heated – maximising cleaning efficiency even if the boiler is non-functional or isolated.

The unit can raise water temperatures up to 65oC, depending on the system size and design. During this process the filter module snatches debris from the heating system water, so that it is not re-circulated, reducing the amount of time and water required during a power flush.

V3+ Smart Thermostats
tado° recently unveiled its V3+ smart thermostats for greater interaction and comfort for homeowners. The Air Comfort Skill is said to achieve healthier indoor air, improved productivity, and a better quality of sleep for users, by giving insights and advice into a home’s air climate. For example, if pollution is heightened the thermostat will guide users on how best to manage it.

The Air Comfort Skill is part of a new app for the V3+ product suite. It joins a variety of other core skills, including: Geofencing, Weather Adaptation, Open Window Detection, Smart Schedules, and Insightful Reports.

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