Fernox introduces space saving filter 

Fernox introduces space saving filter 

The new Fernox TF1 Sigma UB Filter has been designed to provide installers with a space saving option as it can be installed horizontally at a 90° angle, directly under the boiler, close to the wall and with direct connections to the system. The company believes it is an easy to install option even in restricted of spaces and has been developed for use with concealed pipework.  

System water passes through the manifold into the filter’s main body, where the magnetic debris is transferred directly to the powerful, neodymium magnet. This protects the boiler, optimises boiler efficiency and prevents system breakdown. 

The drain valve provides a service point that allows the filter to be emptied without the risk of spillage. It also acts as a convenient dosing point for the Fernox Express chemical water treatment range. As the system does not need to be drained down it helps to save time on site, with Fernox stating that cleaning and dosing can take place in less than two minutes; making compliance with BS 7593:2019 as well as Part L of the Building Regulations simple. 

Mark Hall, Head of Mechanical Engineering, at Fernox concluded: “The TF1 Sigma UB Filter provides an effective solution for new builds or properties where boilers are housed behind cupboards and close to kitchen counter tops, meaning installation of an in-line filter was not practical or convenient. The TF1 Sigma UB Filter provides greater choice for the installer and increased system protection for the homeowner.”   

The TF1 Sigma UB Filter has been manufactured from a high strength, composite polymer and forged brass manifold, which allows for direct and secure connections to the system. Available with a 10-year warranty, it has been precision engineered for universal usage – however for specific boiler models an adapter is supplied.  


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