FEIN | MultiMaster Starlock accessory kits

FEIN | MultiMaster Starlock accessory kits

FEIN has released a range of new Starlock accessory kits that are compatible with its recently-launched MultiMaster 300, 500 and 700 series to the UK market.

With the brand-new Starlock accessories, the MultiMaster range offers 1,000 blade possibilities, including sawing, sanding, polishing, cutting, filing, scraping and cleaning, for a mix of environments from wood, metal, and heating, to flooring, tiles, grout and renovations.

“We understand that productivity is one of the biggest priorities for our customers, which is why we’re excited to extend our popular accessories range even further. Thanks to the multitude of possibilities MultiMaster now offers, completing a job quickly and proficiently has never been easier,” comments Raphael Rudolph, Managing Director of FEIN UK.

“Whether it’s a large-scale project or a quick job, we have no doubt that having the ability to complete 1,000 different types of tasks with these machines will significantly increase efficiency and in turn, profitability for our customers,”

The new accessory kits are available in a range of combinations and can be matched according to application and material, while also offering savings for anybody looking to purchase a FEIN combo set.

The MultiMaster 700 series has the ability to saw wood, metal and plastics, while also cutting out tiles, silicone joints and carpets rapidly to precision, and removing adhesive residues and tile adhesive.

The MultiMaster 500 series can be adapted to complete a range of interior jobs such as sawing wood and metal, as well as sanding and removing tiles, while the MultiMaster 300 series is designed for sawing wood, metal, plasterboard and plastics.

FEIN’s multitools also use the Starlock blade mounting system, meaning users benefit from up to 35% more work progress and greater precision thanks to 100% power transmission without losses. The tool mounting comes in three performance classes: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax, protecting the tool from overload and damage.

As part of the product range expansion, the company will also be offering up to £100 in Amazon vouchers to any customers trading in their old non-Starlock FEIN tools for the new MultiMaster 300, 500 or 700 series, when they register for the three-year FEIN Plus warranty.

“We’re anticipating the launch of these new Starlock accessories to further increase the popularity of our already renowned MultiMaster range, thanks to the endless possibilities and continued innovation to consistently offer more options with these machines,” concludes Raphael.


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