ESi | RTP4 Touch

ESi | RTP4 Touch

ESi has responded to the current economic climate with the release of its latest heating control – the RTP4 Touch programmable room thermostat.

This latest introduction is capable of controlling heating and hot water systems via combi, system or heat only boilers. When installed with the ESi WIFI hub, heating and hot water can be controlled via Alexa or the ESi Centro App. The load compensation functionality, available via OpenTherm technology, modulates the flow temperature dependant on the desired room temperature, saving up to 15% on gas usage.

The RTP4 Touch has a large backlit LCD display and touch screen, making it simple-to-use and programme.

The products slots in between ESi’s RTP4RF units and its top of the range 6 Series WIFI programmable room thermostats, offering many of the benefits of both these ranges but providing additional benefits too. It offers optimum start/stop and delayed start functions offering additional cost savings for users, 7 day, 5/2 day or 24 hour options to suit the user’s lifestyle, automatic summer/winter change settings and home, manual, away, sleep and holiday modes – along with landlord service interval reminders for social housing providers looking for a compliant heating control.

The new unit is battery controlled and has a low power indicator to show when the battery needs replacing. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

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