Energy saving controls added to Rio Plus modern electric radiators  

Energy saving controls added to Rio Plus modern electric radiators  

Building on its Rio electric radiators – Rio Plan, Rio Compact and Rio Linea – Myson has updated the controls to allow for more energy savings, with precision temperature setting. The company says that the integrated digital protocols for custom heating means that energy is not wasted on unoccupied rooms. 

Electric panel radiators convert every watt of electricity into usable heat. To further minimise the ecological impact of its electric radiators and maximise their ease of use, Myson has equipped the Rio Plus range with a new integrated thermostat. These controls allow for precise and customised heating and for optimal connectivity.  

Rio Plus radiators can be regulated via a user-friendly app on a smartphone or tablet and when a home automation system, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, is installed, they can be voice controlled.  

Each radiator can be regulated separately, so users can save money and minimise energy waste by only heating the rooms they’re using. The app also allows for digital visualisation of the radiators’ energy consumption, so it is straightforward to monitor and adjust the energy usage when needed.  

Myson’s Rio Plus radiators comply with the European CE marking and ECO Design directive. To extend the focus on sustainability, Tio Plus radiators have a packaging composed of a majority of recycled or recyclable materials, which helps to reduce the product’s ecological footprint without compromising its safety during transport.   

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