Continal Underfloor Heating | OneBoard

Continal Underfloor Heating | OneBoard

OneBoard from Continal Underfloor Heating is described as a highly efficient, low-profile UFH system that will save you time and money on site.

The in-deck suspended floor solution comprises a structural composite chipboard panel that can be laid directly onto floor joists without the need for a sub-base. OneBoard helps to reduce floor build-up heights since the panel depth is 22mm – less than the diameter of a pound coin – giving you more flexibility in where you can lay UFH systems.

Each universal panel has a built-in heat dissipation foil to ensure excellent heat outputs of between 50 and 65W/m2, depending on room temperature and floor covering. OneBoard also offers fast heat-up response times, with pre-routed pipe channels at 150mm pipe centres and returns to make it easier to lay the UFH pipes, even when you are working alone.

The system incorporates SUPERflex-12 – a flexible pipe designed specifically for use with UFH systems. SUPERflex is kink-resistant and offers a bend radius of less than 100mm, making installations quick and easy.

The system is suitable for use with all heat sources, joist types and centres. It is then completed with a 6mm plywood capping layer and is suitable for use with all floor coverings such as wood, marble, vinyl, carpet or laminate.

OneBoard can be combined with a wide range of control solutions including digital and manual thermostats to suit the user’s needs, as well as app-controlled thermostats so your customer can control their heating through a smart device.

All installers who purchase UFH from Continal will be assigned a dedicated Technical Sales Adviser who will work with you right from the start of the project to its completion, and who is always at the end of the phone to offer advice and technical support whenever it’s needed.

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