Clevatech introduces a boiler lifting tool 

Clevatech introduces a boiler lifting tool 

Designed to make installing gas boilers easier and safer for heating engineers, Clevatech has developed a new boiler lifting tool. 

With muscle strains and back injuries due to manual handling an issue for installers – which can lead to time off work and loss of earnings – the new solution could be beneficial to plumbers and heating engineers. 

Operated by one person, the Boiler Lifter is suited to awkward installations in confined spaces, the company behind it says. The system utilises a standard core drilled flue hole, through a cavity wall, to securely lock the tool in place. A sliding arm extends to clear expensive work tops and other obstacles. Powered by a brushless drill, the lifter enables the handling of heavy boilers. The tool takes the boiler’s weight, while the installer guides it safely onto the wall bracket.  

Brian Channon, Director at Clevatech, said: “It’s like having an extra pair of hands to take the boilers weight, while the installer guides it safely and precisely onto the wall bracket.”  

The company says the tool has been engineered to be robust, tough, and durable enough for any site environment. Made from high-grade materials it has been designed to help installers lift heavy and cumbersome boilers safely and with ease.  

The Clevatech Boiler Lifter can also be used to remove old, decommissioned, and broken wall mounted gas boilers. 

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