Altecnic launches new dry trap tundish 

Altecnic launches new dry trap tundish 

Altecnic, a supplier of hydronic solutions and part of the Caleffi Group, has launched a new Dry Trap Tundish.

The new Tundish boasts a patented, anti-splash design with a transparent chamber that provides a visual indicator for discharge. It is fully compliant with G3 building regulations.   

Suited for installation with domestic central heating boilers, heat interface units (HIU), and hot water cylinders, the Altecnic Dry Trap Tundish has been designed for the hot water discharge from pressure and temperature relief valves to pass safely. The new Dry Trap Tundish allows system discharge to be piped directly into a drainpipe.  

The Altecnic Dry Trap Tundish has a compact design and prevents the need to install both a tundish and a dry trap as the internal stainless-steel spring-loaded disc mechanism prevents odours from escaping. The stainless-steel spring exerts only a small force to close the valve, therefore only a small weight of water is required to open the valve. As such the greater the flow of water the more the valve will open, acting as a visual fault indicator.  

With installers in mind, the dry trap tundish has a transparent chamber to provide a clear indicator for discharge. The compact size makes it suitable for domestic installations, where space saving is essential. 

The Altecnic Dry Trap Tundish is KIWA Reg4, WRAS approved, G3 and EN1717 compliant and comes with a 5-year warranty. It comes in 15mm x 22mm connections supplied with compression ends, complying with BS EN 1252-2 for use with R250 (half hard) copper tube.  

Gary Perry, Managing Director at Altecnic, commented: “When developing the Dry Trap Tundish, we wanted to create a product that was of the highest standard, whilst also considering the setback of space availability. We’re proud to be launching a unique, patented Dry Trap Tundish that is anti-splash, compact, and fully building regulations compliant. By combining two components, Altecnic’s Dry Trap Tundish gives installers the opportunity to save space and time on their domestic installs, without compromise.” 

“As standard with all Altecnic products, the new Dry Trap Tundish has been tested to meet the relevant regulations and complies with best practice, whilst also being supplied with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.” 

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