Altecnic | Apartment Control Assembly

Altecnic | Apartment Control Assembly

Designed with flexibility in mind to allow designers and installers to control and monitor water supply for multi-occupancy installations, Altecnic has launched a new flexible apartment control assembly.

The new Apartment Control Assembly is a compact valve assembly which has been designed to offer flexibility in configuration, installation, and connectivity to enable designed system efficiency to be delivered.

Available in five different configurations, the valve assembly is compatible with three different water meter options making it suitable for a diverse range of installations. It can be ordered as a standalone monobloc with the option to add a moulded insulation cover and gauge, with a non-pulsed hot/cold water meter, a water meter with MBUS connectivity, or a class D water meter. There is no requirement for additional adaptors to be used with any water meter configuration.

Monitor and control
The Apartment Control Assembly offers a number of functions, combining the monitoring and controlling of water supply to a range of residential and commercial developments in one valve assembly.

It features the Caleffi pressure reducing valve; a high-performance valve designed to be easy to service and includes a tamper proof cover. As well as this, the valve assembly combines a single check valve, strainer, gauge port and water meter connection, all of which are serviceable from one side of the valve.

The Apartment Control Assembly is made from high quality low-lead brass to ensure all installations are future proof against proposed 4MS regulation. It comes with the Caleffi five-year warranty, as well as WRAS and KIWA Reg 4 approval.

Gary Perry, Managing Director at Altecnic, commented: “The Apartment Control Assembly has been developed with designers, contractors and installers in mind, providing the ability to monitor, measure and control water in residential and commercial developments with the added option of using a water meter with MBUS connectivity.’

“As with all Altecnic products, the high quality of the valve comes as standard, with the Caleffi five-year warranty being extended to cover it. Providing added peace-of-mind to designers, contractors and installers with its quality, reliability of performance and ease of servicing.”

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