Worcester supports heat innovation investment

Worcester supports heat innovation investment

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) decision to invest a total of £35m in heat innovation projects has been welcomed by a spokesperson for the heating and hot water industry.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester, Bosch Group, claims the £25m set aside solely for the investigation of hydrogen as an alternative domestic heating source to natural gas is hugely encouraging for both the heating industry and UK homeowners.

Martyn commented: “The government’s decision to invest such a large amount into the feasibility investigation of hydrogen is a great sign of just how committed it is to curbing emissions in a practical and realistic way.

“Various energy efficiency schemes have been tried over recent years, yet have largely failed having required too much of a step-change in homeowner and installer behaviour. Unlike some of the proposals put forward in the past, however, the replacement of natural gas with hydrogen would theoretically require no change to how we interact with our heating and cooking appliances, which already gives it the feel of a viable option.”

With the cost of converting domestic gas pipes, and heating and cooking appliances to hydrogen said to be in the region of £100 billion, the initial investment into a feasibility project is a necessary first step towards delivering ambitious CO2 reduction targets.

Martyn continues: “There is no doubt that a colossal amount of funding would be required to actually convert the UK’s gas grid, and design and develop the appliances fuelled by it, to hydrogen. That said, this significant early investment proves that any decision to do so will be backed by the findings of robust research and investigations.

“As a manufacturer of domestic boilers, we are keen to support BEIS with the testing and development of new, hydrogen-fuelled appliances, which may help to pave a clear pathway towards greater heating efficiency.”

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