READER LETTER: Supplier invoicing concerns

READER LETTER: Supplier invoicing concerns

We recently received the below comment from a reader regarding concerns over pricing errors. Have you had a similar problem? Tweet us @PHPI and let us know!

Hello PHPI,

Please excuse me for writing to you if you have covered this problem recently.

We are a very small company and as such I personally see every invoice from suppliers.

I would like to bring the following problem to the attention of your readership as I am aggrieved to have received three invoices, on separate dates, from the same large company supplier that all contain large percentage pricing errors in the supplier’s favour.

If I did not intercept the invoices and bring it to the attention of the supplier’s company management, we would have paid massively more (up to 1,000% more) than the goods should have reasonably cost from a commercial supplier.

I find it hard to believe that we are the only company that reads your magazine that has come across this problem – it might prove worthwhile for you to find out via your readership if this is an ongoing problem that small companies will more likely notice but larger companies, where there is no technical product pricing knowledge at invoice processing, will allow some suppliers to play the pricing game and hide behind computer error when they are found out.




*This letter has been edited for length and clarity.

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