Lighting the way  

Lighting the way  

Kevin Rowles Sales and Marketing Director of HiKOKI Power Tools, explains how extra lighting can mean more efficient working for heating and plumbing installers.  

A working day can throw up just about anything for a plumbing and heating engineer. Bent double under a sink one minute, off to a sprawling industrial site the next, a well-stocked toolbox is an obvious necessity. But heating and plumbing work can be fiddly, awkward and at times, risky, so to make sure every job can be completed safely and to a high standard, good lighting systems are also vital. Quality lighting streamlines tasks and boosts safety. Installers can complete jobs more quickly and accurately when they can clearly see the details of the systems they are working on. And if the power is down and no internal lighting is available, a powerful, cordless light means a job can continue well into the dark winter evenings.  

Under sinks, up in lofts or within tight cabinets: you probably can’t count the number of plumbing and heating jobs that have taken place in confined or dimly lit spaces. So powerful but compact lighting is a must. Lights that can be suspended and fixed while you work allow you to keep your hands free and make fiddly tasks much easier to complete. If a light has can be easily adjusted so you can direct the beam precisely where it is needed, even better. The UB18DB ticks all the boxes here. It’s designed for the toughest construction sites, is dimmable, dust, water and impact resistant and as it is cordless it is completely portable, with a run time of up to 51 hours.  

Poor visibility increases the likelihood of accidents and mistakes. Working in dimly lit environments increases the risk of tripping over tools, cables, pipes or uneven surfaces; fittings can be misaligned or connections faulty; and poor lighting can strain the eyes and induce fatigue. Without proper lighting, the list of potential hazards goes on. Using the right lighting helps create a safe work environment.  

When you need to illuminate a large area, the UB18DG Cordless Tripod Light is ideal. It produces up to 4,000 Lumens of brightness and comes with a sturdy tripod that can be adjusted to a height of up to 215 cm, so you can shine the light exactly where you need it. It is also a hybrid – it can be both cordless for true portability or corded for unlimited runtime. The light is also IP55 rated, which means it is protected against dust and water jets, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments.  

If you need something brighter, the IP65 rated UB18DDJ4Z has a dazzling 10,000 lumens together with a has a spark protected lens for the ultimate in safety. This light has a hybrid power option which means it can run corded or cordless. And when the power is out and you need a good all rounder, the UB18DC Cordless Construction Light has a maximum output of 4,000 lumens, an impressive 34 hour runtime, brightness adjustment and an inbuilt USB port so you can charge your phone or mobile device when no power or plug socket is available.  

So many installations often involve intricate fittings and connections where proper lighting is essential for ensuring that installers can make precise fittings and secure connections without errors. And when it comes to accurate inspections and examining pipes, fixtures and components to identify issues or ensure proper installation, lighting plays a key role. This is where top quality torches and lanterns come in, ensuring every nook and cranny properly illuminated. The UB18DEW4Z is an 18V cordless torchlight with a head that can be angled and a long run time of 63 hours per charge with a 5.0Ah battery. The UB18DFW4Z is a cordless lantern which has a large hook for suspended lighting which provides 360 degree lighting for work areas and low and high lighting modes.  

Beyond its role in illuminating workspaces, adequate lighting is a cornerstone of safety, efficiency and precision in plumbing and heating installations. The risks associated with poor visibility – from tripping hazards to incorrect installations – are substantial. Proper lighting not only mitigates these risks but also enhances the overall quality of work, allowing plumbers to perform inspections, installations and repairs with confidence and accuracy.  

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