EUA releases video showcasing Green Gas

EUA releases video showcasing Green Gas

“Green Gas is a fundamental part of the energy trilemma solution” says the Energy and Utilities Alliance’s, (EUA) CEO Mike Foster on the release of an informative video showcasing Green Gas.

Mr Foster continued: “Gas has for the past two hundred years been a fuel that has offered the UK flexibility – be it for street lighting; industrial processes; power generation or heat demand. As a result of its abundance, the UK has the world’s leading gas grid infrastructure in place, directly supplying the energy to heat 85 per cent of UK homes.

“Rather than rip out heating systems and make the grid obsolete, it makes sense to decarbonise the gas we use; using so called green gases such as Biomethane and bio-SNG in addition to hydrogen, will deliver affordable and sustainable solutions to the challenges the UK face. Green gas is increasingly being recognised as the preferred solution to meet UK heat demand, which is seasonal and demands a flexible supply.

“Green Gas is the logical solution to the decarbonisation of heat in the UK. In 2016 Green Gas production doubled and so the focus now is really on progressing the production of Green Gas, rather than ‘what if’.

The short video we are releasing today is the next stage of the process – increase awareness. The industry has proven the concept, it’s now time to educate others on the future of UK heat.”

The video can be accessed here:

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