EUA optimistic that energy targets can be met

EUA optimistic that energy targets can be met

The Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) has recently submitted its recommendations for the forthcoming Autumn Budget to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. These recommendations provide solutions which would enable the Government to address the multiple challenges it is facing within the Energy & Utilities Sector.

There are three main asks, which will: facilitate the Government to achieve carbon emission reductions in line with the legally binding fifth budget; address the fuel poverty issue which over 2.5 million houses in England face, and ensure domestic, and industrial, energy efficiency is realised.

‘Invest in infrastructure for natural gas buses & HGVs’

With around 40,000 deaths a year attributable to exposure to outdoor air pollution the Government must tackle the burgeoning issue of vehicular pollutants and challenge its narrow focus on electric vehicles, recognising that natural gas provides a viable alternative to diesel.

By supporting local authorities and investing in infrastructure, natural gas vehicle usage can become widespread. Varying tax bands should be introduced based on technology or measurements of emissions, serving to encourage the take up of clean vehicles.

‘Tackle the issue of the nine million ‘zombie boilers’ in UK homes to decarbonise heat & reduce fuel poverty and allocate funds to tackle endemic fuel poverty’

Cold homes have a higher mortality rate than road traffic accidents. Earmarking funds to connect more households to the gas grid, paying the winter fuel allowance in summer so households can benefits from cheaper LPG prices and boiler maintenance when demand is lower, and prioritising boiler replacement under ECO would all serve to improve the situation of the fuel poor.

Mike Foster, Chief Executive of the Energy and Utilities Alliance, said: “So far, there has been a distinct lack of coherent environmental and energy strategy from this government and the Autumn Budget provides them with an opportunity to present a clear vision as to how we will meet the fifth carbon budget and reduce fuel poverty in the UK.”

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