Worcester Bosch x Boiler & Company: Toasting to a greener future

Worcester Bosch x Boiler & Company: Toasting to a greener future

Worcester Bosch has joined the London Cocktail Week celebrations with the launch of a new, sustainability-themed cocktail in collaboration with cocktail bar Boiler & Company.

The manufacturer, which celebrates its 60th year in business this year, is committed to offering green home heating solutions and to support consumers who want to heat their homes more sustainably – and this quirky partnership is one way to encourage learning about green heating over a drink or two.

The Hybrid cocktail has been launched as part of London Cocktail Week at Southwark-based bar Boiler & Company, and will remain on sale until 13th November, priced at £10 per drink.

’The Hybrid’ combines two bold flavoured spirits, the sustainably produced Discarded Grape Skin Vodka and Pineapple Riesling to form the hybrid base of the cocktail. This mix of two ingredients embodies the working of a hybrid heat pump system, with two different sources working together to provide optimal warmth. The clear appearance of the cocktail draws back to the need for cleaner fuel sources in the future.

Nicola Fisher, PR Manager at Worcester Bosch, commented: “We are delighted to be getting involved with London Cocktail Week for the first time and launching our first ever cocktail. This is unlike any other partnership we have ever done as a home heating manufacturer, but we wanted to shine a light on the small changes that can be made to live more sustainably – a matter that is becoming increasingly important to talk about how we can all do our part.

“We hope as many people can try the Hybrid limited edition cocktail at Boiler & Company, and ultimately spark conversations around low carbon, greener heating over a drink or two.”

The Hybrid is available at Boiler & Company, 5 Canvey Street, SE1 9AN until 13th November.

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