WernerCo offers ladder training for professionals

WernerCo offers ladder training for professionals

With falls from height being the third highest cause of fatal injuries in the workplace, WernerCo is offering Ladder Association accredited training for professionals to improve knowledge and safety.

The manufacturer is holding regular sessions at both the Burton upon Trent and Malden WernerCo facilities, to provide industry professionals with the practical knowledge required to safely and correctly use ladders in the workplace.

It is vital that anyone working regularly with ladders receives sufficient training in order to maximise the safety of themselves and those around them. Those who complete the course are issued with a LadderCard to demonstrate their competence when working with ladders.

Paul Bruton, Product Development Director at WernerCo, comments: “The Work at Height Regulations specify that competence is a requirement for working at height. So, simply put, if someone is not competent, they should not be using a ladder at work. In order to prove competence when working with ladders, we strongly advise that professionals obtain a LadderCard through the Ladder Association training course to ensure full confidence in their capability.

“The number of fatalities in the workplace that come as a result of falling from height is still the same as it was 13 years ago. Even in the avoidance of a fatality, injuries are continuing to occur in the thousands, which is often as a result of assuming there is minimised risk if working at a lower height. However, the correct training will inform users that it is necessary to put precautions in place at any height, thus reducing the risk of injury.”

The training sessions are held monthly for anyone who works frequently with ladders, including users and inspectors. Both courses comprise practical and theory assessments, covering when and how to use, how to handle and how to store a ladder, as well as how to highlight potential hazards. For inspectors, delegates can learn how to assess and determine when it is appropriate to inspect a ladder or stepladder, and how to recommend the correct action if faults are found. The inspector course is for those who have already received their initial user training and are already in possession of a LadderCard.

Those who complete the course will be issued with a Ladder Association certificate and a LadderCard, which remains valid for five years, allowing them to prove their competence and gain trust among their trade peers and potential employers.

For those in the north of England, the following dates have been established at WernerCo’s Burton-on-Trent facility: 27th June, 18th July, 29th August. Alternatively, for those based further south, training sessions are to be held at WernerCo in Malden, Essex on 6th July, 20th July and 31st August. Courses cost £95.00 per person.

If you feel you could benefit from ladder training, call WernerCo on 01621 745800 or email: [email protected]

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