WATCH: New heat pump sound video from Grant UK

WATCH: New heat pump sound video from Grant UK

Grant UK has published a new video on its YouTube Channel which shows how quiet air source heat pumps are. The video features an Aerona³ heat pump in operation, showing its sound levels and providing comparative sounds of other common household appliances.

A question that is often asked by homeowners who are researching air source heat pumps is, “how noisy are they?” The level of sound produced by a heat pump while operating is a significant factor that prospective homeowners consider when selecting the best appliance for their home. Grant UK’s new video therefore showcases an Aerona³ heat pump which has been designed to be quiet so as to have minimal impact on its surroundings.

The short video features footage of the Quiet Mark approved Aerona³ 13kW air source heat pump working, providing audiences with the sound levels of the unit both close up and further away. The video then includes the sound levels of other household appliances to serve as comparisons before returning to the quietly operating Aerona³. The aim of the video is to be a useful resource that answers the question of ‘how quiet is a Grant heat pump’ while also giving contextual sounds to compare alongside the heat pump.

Kevin Ellis, Renewables Sales Manager at Grant UK, comments. “Our latest video – which joins the series of heat pump tutorials we published earlier this year – will help overcome a misconception about heat pumps, demonstrating that they are not noisy and highlighting just how quiet the Aerona³ unit is. We are in an exciting time for the heat pump industry and part of this chapter is to educate homeowners, providing them with the tools and resources they need, such as this video, to make informed decisions about their home heating.”

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