Want to earn as much as the average footballer?

Want to earn as much as the average footballer?

It would take the average tradesperson 132 years on site to earn an average English Premier League (EPL) footballer’s annual salary, according to new research.

The average British tradesperson, earning £355 per week*, would have to work for 132 years or 6,864 weeks to earn the equivalent of £2,438,275**, the average EPL wage, revealed new research by

Those working in the financial services sector, earning an average salary of £783 per week would still have to work for 56 years, while IT & communications workers must work an average of 71 years before matching a footballer’s annual wage.

Healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses would have to work an average of 48 years, while education providers such as teachers and lecturers would need to work an average of 87 years.

Even female football players would have to work 70 years to earn the same as their male counterparts.

A spokesperson commented, “We all know footballers earn a staggering amount of money on a weekly basis but when put into context and parallels drawn between highly-regarded working professions such as nurses, doctors and teachers, the gap is even more apparent. Striking it lucky once in a while would help Britons reach footballer fortunes sooner.”

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