Vokèra launches the Verve i50

Vokèra launches the Verve i50

Vokèra, has launched a new high power condensing system boiler, the Verve i50. With an output of 50kW, this heat only boiler features similar characteristics as a domestic appliance making installation simple for domestic installers wishing to expand their scope of work into larger homes or small commercial premises.

The Verve i50 is fully compliant with the ErP directive and boasts an energy rating of class A. This makes it one of the most efficient boilers available, according to the manufacturer, on the market with further savings made when installed alongside a weather compensation sensor.

Alister Maclachlan, Product Director at Vokèra commented, “We always strive to improve upon our products and are passionate about keeping them competitive within the current market. Our new Verve i50 not only delivers on ever important energy efficiency but is also manufactured with installers at the forefront of the design process ensuring installation is as easy and simple as possible.”

Key features of the Verve i50 include a built-in expansion vessel and integral pump as well as a ‘Cuprinox’ bimetallic heat exchanger designed to optimise thermal transfer. There is also an optional hydraulic separator that enables the installer to separate the boiler from heating system, which Vokèra recommends to ensure that the boiler operates at the required flow rate, reducing the component wear and tear and preventing shut downs. The boiler also offers low NOx and Class 5 performance.

Delivering yet again on one of Vokèra’s key design objectives, ease of installation, the Verve i50 operates on a standard domestic gas supply, reducing installation preparation. It also comes equipped with 80mm twin flue outlet. This allows the flue to run up to 25m but can easily be converted to a 60/100mm concentric flue or 80/125mm concentric flue, making installations more flexible.

Similarly, the Verve i50 is also said to deliver on ease of servicing, with an isolating valve kit supplied as standard to make servicing as painless as possible. This means that installers servicing the Verve i50 need not drain the entire system during servicing due to the flow and return kit that enables the boiler to be isolated from the circuit. Another addition is the optional three port valve and motorised mixing valve kit, which enables the installer to configure different system circuits including space heating, hot water and low temperature underfloor heating. Lastly, it offers a combustion analysis test point for easy servicing and maintenance.

The new Verve i50 comes with a two year parts and labour warranty and more information on the range as well as news and updates can be found at

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