Vaillant launches new heat pump demo trailer

Vaillant launches new heat pump demo trailer

Although heat pumps are growing in popularity in the UK, many social housing tenants or new home buyers may not have encountered this low carbon heating technology first-hand, and subsequently could remain unsure how it will work for them and their home. To facilitate end user buy-in, Vaillant has launched a brand-new demonstration vehicle that allows end users to experience the aroTHERM plus heat pump in action.

The new demonstration vehicle forms a part of the company’s Vaillant Standard offering, which encompasses the full support provided to its specification clients from the design stages all the way through to aftersales support. With the future of heating up for debate, the new Vaillant vehicle highlights the key technologies set to play a role now and in the future. It showcases the various full system heating solutions available from boilers, controls and cylinders to heat pumps.

Alongside a 100% hydrogen boiler display, it will showcase a fully working heat pump system with information on how the low carbon technology works, making it ideal for use as part of tenant days for social housing providers. A similar vehicle has already been utilised by Derby Homes, where it was used to offer expert advice to tenants and internal teams on-site regarding the heat pumps that were planned for installation on the balconies of each of the flats on-site.

Equally, as the 2025 deadline for the Future Homes Standard approaches, property developers may also find it helpful as a platform to demonstrate the technology to new home buyers as well as build confidence in those charged with selling the properties with this type of heating system in place.

Steve Cipriano, commercial director at Vaillant, comments: “Although there is no doubt that heat pumps have grown in popularity over the past few years, many end users have still not come into contact with the technology to see how it works. There are many programmes available that allow specifiers and contractors to get up to speed on fitting and using heat pumps, but the end user may only have access to information after a product has been installed.

“Using a heat pump requires a slightly different mind-set than a boiler, so being armed with the right information, having the chance to ask questions, or simply getting up close to the products in advance, can go a long way to alleviating any reservations end users may have. Indeed, as getting buy in from the end user is often a vital part of many tender processes, it is essential that knowledge is shared along the purchase chain wherever possible.

“Vaillant’s demonstration vehicle will prove a real asset for our customers and help achieve a smooth rollout of heat pump technology in homes across the UK.”

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