Vaillant announces new partnership with OVO  

Vaillant announces new partnership with OVO  

Vaillant and OVO have launched a new partnership intended to reduce heat pump running costs to just 15p per kWh to UK homes. Homeowners with a Vaillant aroTHERM or aroTHERM plus heat pump and an internet gateway such as the myVAILLANT connect, will now be able to access OVO’s new deal, Heat Pump Plus.   

The company says the new type of use add-on will make heat pumps cheaper to run on average by £495 per year.  

With the UK government target set to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028, the new add-on is designed to support existing heat pump homes with their ongoing running costs and aims to encourage more households to transition from a gas boiler to a heat pump. 

Homeowners will have two separate rates – one for their heat pump, and one for the rest of their household energy usage. Both new and existing Vaillant customers with an aroTHERM or aroTHERM plus air source heat pump, and an internet gateway such as the myVAILLANT connect can access the new rate. 

Henrik Juhl Hansen, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Vaillant, said: “Having invested in low carbon technology for more than 25 years, our commitment to decarbonising UK homes remains strong. Since the launch of our heat pump line in 2022, making Vaillant the first boiler company to manufacture heat pumps in the UK, we continue to develop our business supporting the growing demand in this low carbon technology, through our installer training and expanding our manufacturing sites in the Derbyshire area. Through our investments in sustainable heating technologies, we are able to collaborate with OVO and are proud to be launching this new partnership making heat pumps more affordable across the UK. This new proposition will change the landscape for business, and consumers looking at decarbonising their home heating.” 

Mat Moakes, Chief Commercial Officer, OVO said: “The UK is trailing far behind Europe on its heat pump installations. Yet our data shows that when paired with innovative tariffs to reduce the cost, alongside the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, the uptake increases while rewarding early adopters. We need to see more progress to decarbonise heating and our new partnership with Vaillant is an exciting step to make heat pumps more attractive for thousands more households.” 

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