Tradify app launches in the UK

Tradify app launches in the UK

Tradify, the job management app for small business owners in the construction industry, has been launched to the UK market.

Tradify has been designed to simplify time-consuming administration activities for builders, plumbers and electricians. With over 10,000 users in Australia and New Zealand, Tradify can help with a range of administration tasks such as scheduling jobs, completing quotes, tracking materials and sending invoices.

Robert Mark, Managing Director of Tradify UK, explained: “If you are a builder, plumber or electrician running single or multiple job sites, Tradify takes the hassle out of organising materials and people – and gives you clear information on the profit and loss on a job.

“For small businesses, saying ‘yes’ to every job brings in money, but also problems, with days spent working while valuable evenings and weekends are spent catching up on paperwork. Tradify helps small business owners streamline these everyday tasks, freeing up time.”

Job details and sub-contractors can also be set up and managed, with sub-contractors updated on job status, such as task deadlines, in real time via the Tradify App.

Robert continued: “You can track a job from the initial quote to the final invoice and everything in between, out on site or at the office on your smartphone or tablet. Tradify gives you insights into your business which you need to help you grow and become more successful.”

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