Are trade shows still worthwhile?

Are trade shows still worthwhile?

If you happened to attend the ISH trade show in Frankfurt in March, or if you’ve simply seen the comments from those who were there, you’ll be aware that it’s a huge event. In fact, around 200,000 visitors walked through the doors over the course of five days. But is this the exception or the rule when it comes to trade exhibitions?

Research from the USP Marketing Consultancy has uncovered the show-going habits of 1,200 installers from a number of European countries.

Top of the pile for the number of shows visited are the Belgians and the Dutch, but it’s interesting to note that British installers rank higher than the Poles, the French and the Germans. In addition, it is the Brits more than any other nation (in percentage terms) who have declared their intention to visit more trade shows in the next two years.

That said, nine out of 10 German installers will visit a trade show next year, the highest percentage among all European installers. Least likely to visit trade shows are British and French installers, with fewer than two thirds planning to attend.

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