Survey reveals change in showering habits due to cost of living crisis

Survey reveals change in showering habits due to cost of living crisis

As the cost of living crisis leads to more homeowners seeking home improvement solutions that can save money, new research from Triton has revealed an opportunity for installers to provide insight into the economic benefits of electric showers.

The shower manufacturer’s latest survey of 2,000 consumers found that amidst the current economic climate, 53% of shower users have made changes to the way they bathe in a bid to save money and reduce household bills.

Most noticeably, a third of consumers admitted they would consider switching to a more efficient shower type, but 69% said they don’t know enough about the category to commit. The results suggest there is work to be done when it comes to raising awareness of the benefits of electric showers amongst homeowners.

Ashley Cooper, Marketing Director at Triton Showers, said: “It’s not a surprise to see that there has been a marked change in peoples’ routines due to the current cost of living crisis. We are all doing things differently to help keep costs down and our home habits have become a big part of that – particularly when it comes to our water and energy usage.

“Electric showers provide a significant opportunity for consumers to save energy, water and money, thanks to their efficient operation. An electric unit can save up to 52,000 litres of water and knock up to £208 off a 3-person household’s bills when compared to alternatives like mixers and baths – all while providing hot water on demand. To showcase to customers just how much they could save by switching to electric, installers can introduce them to our water and energy saving calculator, available on the Triton website.”

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