Stelrad launches first ever ‘green steel’ radiator series  

Stelrad launches first ever ‘green steel’ radiator series  

Radiator manufacturer Stelrad Radiators is partnering with Tata Steel to offer what it says is the first 90% green steel radiator range.  

Tata Steel is supplying UK made 90% Carbon Lite steel exclusively to Stelrad within the radiator market, so that its customers can choose a Green Compact radiator range that contributes directly to a reduction in atmospheric CO2. 

Tata Steel is a UK leading strip steel manufacturer with steelmaking facilities in Port Talbot in South Wales. The steel comes with a certificate from DNV – Det Norske Veritas to prove the steel has 90% lower embodied CO2 emissions. The process for producing the steel is called Optemis Carbon Lite. 

Stelrad’s Head of Marketing Chris Harvey said: “This is an exciting step for us to take towards greener manufacturing and fits in perfectly with our Group’s sustainability policy. The new Stelrad Green Series comprises of 60 horizontal models from our Green Compact range. The concept is already being well received by many of our customers who are keen to see more sustainable products being utilised in their homes and buildings. As well as the reduction in carbon emissions, no plastic will be used for the outer packaging either further increasing the sustainability claims of the product range – and of course, a radiator is 100% recyclable.” 

Each radiator in the new range will bear a ‘Green Series’ radiator badge distinguishing them from the standard ranges and come with a green packaging label as well to make them stand out from the crowd.  

The new radiators will come with a new identity and strapline – “Stelrad Green Series – Made with clean green steel”.  

“We’ll be rolling the new series out from December 2023 onwards with stock available to be ordered from March 2024,” continued Chris Harvey. “This is an important next step for us to provide products that are guaranteed to be lower in carbon emissions at every stage of their production and that all come with certificated guarantees as to the ‘green’ element certified by our partners Tata Steel who are also keen to be identified with the sustainability claims that go with the steel we use in these radiators. We believe that many of our customers are seeking ways of reducing their impact on the environment will welcome these ‘green radiators’ and incorporate them into their projects in the months and years ahead.” 

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