Resideo Wiring Guides go mobile

Resideo Wiring Guides go mobile

Resideo has launched a revised version of the Wiring Guide App for Android and Apple phones.

Many installers run their business from their smartphone, so Resideo has launched a revised version of the Wiring Guide App for Android and Apple phones, enabling installers to access instructions for Honeywell Home products whilst on site. Users of the previous Honeywell app will need to download the new Resideo version to access the latest features.

The Wiring Guide is the most requested document that Resideo produces for its Honeywell Home branded products. Its pages are packed with a wealth of information for installers on how best to plan, wire and fault find the installation of Honeywell Home heating controls.

The app version puts all this information into an easily accessible, digital format. In just a few taps, installers can find out how to do anything from wiring in an OpenTherm-enabled control, to re-binding a Honeywell Home T6 wireless room thermostat. On the home screen there are also links to other useful resources, including Honeywell Home Rewards, where installers can register their purchases for points using their phones rather than waiting until they get home; and the online learning platform, Youlearn.

Andy Mansfield, Marketing Communications Manager at Resideo, maker of Honeywell Home branded heating controls, said: “We are continuously updating our technical guides to ensure our customers can always access the most useful, relevant and up-to-date information in a method that’s convenient for them.

“We are proud to support professional installers, and the update to our popular wiring guide app proves our commitment to making life as easy for our customers as possible.”

To download, search ‘Honeywell Home Wiring Guide’ on Google Play or the App Store.

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