Putting noisy fans back on the agenda

Putting noisy fans back on the agenda

The latest Noise Attitude Survey highlights that 48% of people feel that home life is spoilt by noise, whilst a fifth are kept awake by sound disturbance at night.

From 23 to 28 May, Noise Action Week – co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK – will be highlighting the impact that noise can have on our health and quality of life, including disturbance from alarms, DIY, people, pets and most notably household appliances.

According to an independent study commissioned by Xpelair, around 14.5 million UK adults are affected by having a noisy bathroom fan in their home, with over 4.5 million adults having been woken up or kept awake as a result.

Lee Stones, Category Manager at Xpelair, said: “Our research highlights a very real problem for many homeowners but it also suggests people are just putting up with noisy fans – possibly because they don’t know any better.

“However highlighting the issue is just one part of the problem. We pride ourselves on listening and responding to customer needs and, as our extensive research and development shows, high performance levels do not necessarily mean high noise levels.”

In late 2014, Xpelair launched the first fan in the Simply Silent family – a range of domestic ventilation solutions delivering near-silent running.

Featuring Xpelair’s Ghost Air Movement Technology, all products in the Simply Silent range incorporate the latest innovations in ventilation technology to deliver near-silent running. These fans use long-life silent running motors and precision engineered components to avoid all mechanical noise, whilst advanced air flow management eliminates irregular air flow paths and turbulence.

Additional benefits to the family include So Simple Installation, which offers a range of smart and innovative features for quick, simple and hassle-free installation. These include quick-fit clamps which allow the fan to be secured simply to ceilings and panels for ease and rapid installation.

Just over a year since bringing the first product in the range to market, Simply Silent has continued to raise the bar for domestic ventilation products and now boasts a portfolio of over 70 units.

The range now includes the original Contour in both 100 and 150mm variants; the continuous running Contour CV for bathroom and kitchen applications, and the DX 100 and 150mm with a classic grille-style fascia.

The range of Simply Silent Shower Fans has also grown to include the Shower Fan Complete and Illumi Shower Fan Complete – both designed to extract right at the point of humidity and come complete with flexible ducting and an external grille.

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