Pimlico Plumbers offers ‘earn as you learn’ scheme

Pimlico Plumbers offers ‘earn as you learn’ scheme

With thousands of A-Level students receiving their exam results last week, Pimlico Plumbers is announcing its first apprenticeship open day.

Twenty hand-picked prospective trade apprentices will be invited to the company’s London headquarters in September, for a chance to embark on an ‘earn as you learn’ career in plumbing, heating or electrical work.

The open day is part of Pimlico Plumbers’ ongoing campaign to educate young people on the skilled career options available to them that don’t include a three year university degree, and the average £57,500 student debt that they will rack up.

The company currently has 42 apprentices on its books. This includes four recent recruits, and its newest apprentice, Lee Morrison, who won his place on the Pimlico Plumbers’ training programme through a social media competition.

The open day will include a tour around the Lambeth headquarters, trade workshops, interviews and the opportunity to quiz qualified tradesmen and women on their careers. With help from the recruitment team, CEO Charlie Mullins will then choose three stand-out individuals to join the company, bringing the total number of new recruits to eight.

Apprentices at Pimlico Plumbers split their time between a day of college per week, in-house training in workshop classrooms and practical, on-the-job experience with the company’s team of heating engineers, plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

To further develop its training offering and support the future skills requirements of the business and its industry, Charlie has also announced plans to open an apprenticeship centre close to the company’s headquarters.

Charlie said, “For me, apprenticeships are the best way to get a job for life – if you learn a trade, you’ll never be out of work. What is important, however, is the quality of the training that these kids are receiving, and the quality of our apprenticeship scheme is top-level.

“We’re inundated with applications to join our apprenticeship scheme and our open day is just one event that will allow us to meet with some prospective Pimlico Plumbers! Taking on more apprentices, and opening a new training centre will coincide with our huge expansion plans and will allow us to meet the growing demand of our skills training, and the ongoing development of our company.”

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