Partnership set to pay off for Salamander

Partnership set to pay off for Salamander

Salamander Pumps has teamed up with a specialist consultancy and machining company to further engineer out the noise in its brass pumps and achieve noise ratings from as low as 48dB, as part of a long term aim to achieve Quiet Mark status across the whole range. 

Salamander’s CT Force range of brass, shower-specific and whole-house pumps, available in both positive and negative head, are designed to help householders with kitchen and bathroom water pressure problems.

The company has invested heavily in research and development that has already slashed its pump noise levels by 15% in the last five years.

Its HomeBoost shower pump is already rated at 46dB which is quieter than a boiling electric kettle, and holds the coveted international Quiet Mark award from the Noise Abatement Society.

The new partnership will see Salamander’s supplier create a bespoke pump component that increases pressure and power, while reducing noise.

Gareth Richards, Technical Director at Salamander Pumps said: “Customer feedback from both plumbers and consumers tells us that noise is a big factor in choosing a shower pump.

“Through the use of CNC machining our partner has been able to implement tighter tolerances and a better concentricity, improving roundness and quality of brass impeller supply.

“Our pumps are already renowned for their quiet operation and this move will help us decrease decibels even further, to meet market demands and achieve the same great results as HomeBoost in independent testing.

“As a result of several months of working with our partner on the development and refinement of this new component, we are able to make a revolutionary change that will have a big impact on the noise levels of pumps.”

Salamander’s new partner is a CNC machining facility and engineering consultancy with design and manufacturing capability. Its client base stretches over the UK plus Scandinavia and the US, and it works with clients in the automotive, racing car, aerospace, electronics and lighting sectors.

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