Panasonic updates its Aquarea Service Cloud

Panasonic updates its Aquarea Service Cloud

Panasonic’s Aquarea Smart Cloud control system has been updated with a new platform, which will allow full remote maintenance of Aquarea solutions.


The new Aquarea Service Cloud will enable heating and cooling specialists to engage in predictive maintenance and remote system fine-tuning, via a user interface.


The platform will let customers decide who will carry out essential maintenance and gives installers the opportunity to increase their competitive service offering.


The Service Cloud is a support tool which allows HVAC professionals to complete commissioning and maintenance tasks as well as making technical information stored in the cloud database, readily available.


This method hopes to simplify maintenance work on site by helping installers to identify issues ahead of their visit, saving valuable time and reducing costs.  


With an error log function now installed, problems with the system can be fixed before they are issued to the customer. If a problem is detected, the service cloud will also notify the maintenance company with a malfunction warning, enabling installers to respond quickly to faults and issues.


A further feature which has been added, is the ability to control units and its advanced settings remotely and installers will also be able adjust the heating settings remotely, therefore avoiding a visit to site.


The Aquarea Service Cloud doesn’t require specialised software and users can log in with a standard browser or via the app. Systems which have already been installed will automatically connect to the server cloud and update all parameters in real time.


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