Online calculator adds up for solar installers

Online calculator adds up for solar installers

One of the UK’s leading names in sustainable building solutions continues to invest in renewable markets and support installers who, themselves, are increasingly enthusiastic about the proven benefits of fitting energy saving technologies.

There are significant savings to be made with a well designed solar thermal installation, using either flat plate or vacuum tube collectors, and Kingspan Solar has taken a major step towards clarifying exactly how much. The new, online calculator quickly works out the cost benefits over time, based on a few simple pieces of information about the homeowner’s existing heating system.

The web-based calculator will be useful for a wide audience in demonstrating the strong financial reasons for choosing a solar thermal heating system. Kingspan Solar has long championed close collaboration with installers to develop the potential of a renewables market that relies on shared knowledge and confidence.

Comprehensive training provision and an accredited installer scheme have been cornerstones of the Kingspan offer and now the on-screen calculator can help convince often sceptical consumers to invest in solar thermal energy. Of course, armed with some basic criteria such as property size and location, roof orientation and details of the supplementary heating system, homeowners can work this out for themselves. However, the site also generates a search for recommended Kingspan Solar Accredited Installers (KSAI) with the qualifications to fit a solar thermal system and so will also provide the platform for registered KSAI’s to capitalise on new business opportunities.

The company believes that online availability makes the calculator immediately accessible to installers who, increasingly, use their smart phones and tablets as an essential business tool. The calculation, which takes into account the value of an annual RHI payment and shows total income over the seven year RHI period and the overall savings over the lifetime of a solar thermal system (25 years), will allow installers to convert many people who may not have previously considered solar thermal.

“It’s a very positive message from Kingspan Solar”, says the company’s Solar Technical Lead, Finbarr McCarthy, “underlining our confidence in the market and commitment to every stage of the specification process”. “By showing clearly what homeowners can save, the calculator will not only support solar installers in front of their customers but ultimately drive renewable energy demand and push our whole industry more closely towards its environmental goals”, he adds.

Kingspan Solar will be promoting its online solar thermal calculator to installers, homeowners and architects throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. You can find the calculator at

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