OFTEC announces new liquid fuel publications

OFTEC announces new liquid fuel publications

OFTEC has published a new technical manual with information on HVO and announced details of an updated digital field guide. 

The technical manual is now available, whilst a new field guide – which is an abridged version of the new manual – will be offered as a free digital download for registered technicians by the end of 2023. Physical copies will also be available to purchase on request. 

The single volume technical manual replaces the existing multi-volume technical books. The publication is supplied as a learning aid when installers undertake an OFTEC course. It is also available to purchase as a physical copy from OFTEC Direct. 

The core module covers Health, Safety and Waste Disposal, Fuel, Fuel Storage, Fuel Supply, Appliances, Flues and Ventilation, Heating and Hot Water Systems, and OFTEC Procedures and Documentation – everything required to cover liquid fuel appliances and storage/supply systems. 

Additional optional information on the servicing and commissioning of single stage and multistage pressure jet appliances, as well as vaporising appliances, can also be added.  

For the first time, the publication incorporates detailed information on the renewable liquid fuel HVO, including the conversion process and new illustrations to enhance understanding.  

Andrew Mathews, Technical Director at OFTEC, commented: “We’re pleased to announce these new publications as we further strengthen the resources we provide to registered technicians. Liquid fuels will continue to have an important role to play off-grid which is why we’ve updated our manuals with information on HVO to support with the long term transition. 

“We listened to feedback from technicians wanting a detailed, but more concise, technical manual and acted accordingly. The page count for all sections of the manual has been reduced by approximately 600 pages compared to the old technical books. We’re also aware technicians want to be able to access digital resources. In response, our popular pocket guide will be replaced by the new free digital field guide coming out later this year.”  


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