NIBE welcomes BEIS report

NIBE welcomes BEIS report

NIBE has announced it’s encouraged by BEIS’ Future Framework for Heat in Buildings Call for Evidence which focused on transitioning away from the installation of high carbon fossil fuel heating off the gas grid like heating oil.

The Call for Evidence sets out several reasons why high carbon fossil fuels remain prevalent and is said to recognise the diverse solutions in tackling the challenge towards meeting legally binding carbon targets.

NIBE has said it looks forward to contributing to the set of consultations announced by BEIS, which will take place next year, and will focus on setting a clear timescale to achieve the ambition of phasing out the installation of high carbon fossil fuel heating in buildings off the gas grid in the 2020s. These consultations will provide more detail and build upon the evidence that has been submitted by industry.

NIBE Managing Director, Phil Hurley, noted: “According to the Committee on Climate Change, like for like carbon emissions from buildings have gone up for two consecutive years. An important reason for this is that high carbon and polluting fossil fuels, like heating oil, have retained a significant market share for decades. Policy is important to break this vicious cycle and make clean technology, like heat pumps, more attractive by recognising their significant carbon reduction and health benefits. Markets like Germany, where heat pumps in 2017 became the single most popular technology for domestic heating, are succeeding so the UK should also rise to the challenge.”

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