New HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme seeks to raise industry standards

New HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme seeks to raise industry standards

In line with ongoing government strategies to promote cleaner air and to better support consumer choice decisions in the purchase of environmentally responsible products, HETAS has launched the independent Cleaner Choice initiative for UK biomass and solid fuel products.

These developments aim to reform the currently recognised HETAS Product Approval Scheme, to align with changing legal requirements as well as keeping up with demand for appliances that can be utilised for the environmentally responsible and safe burning of cleaner and lower carbon fuels. Air quality and carbon reduction is more than ever a topic of conversation, with consumers contacting HETAS for advice on their appliance choice.

in response to consumer demand driven by confusing media coverage and after consultation with installers and other stakeholders, HETAS is updating the scheme to highlight the appliances, which are verified through appropriate test data, to emit lower levels of particulates, including PM2.5.

To achieve this, HETAS has set a lower level of particulate emissions than the most stringent legislation requires within current Smoke Control Areas. This now means that a stove must meet both the current requirements for exemption and have attained listing on the DEFRA website, whilst also achieving at least a 50% improvement on current particulate limits for exemption, when measured using the more robust test methodology recognised within the UK. In doing this, HETAS hopes to demonstrate to buyers that appliances can be used to burn fuels responsibly and operated in a way that reduces smoke (particulate) emissions. For biomass boilers, already having greater levels of combustion controls, they must demonstrate that they too meet the same stringent emissions standards and are exempted for use in smoke control areas where legally required.

With so much misunderstood and misleading messaging from some media, HETAS believes it is vital to promote the cleaner burning appliances and advise consumers to use the cleanest of appliances in an easy to understand and transparent format. This will help better protect the future of wood burning.

With the major criticism of wood burning being centred around the emission of harmful particulate matter, or smoke, this initiative provides clear guidance and choice from a range of appliances that can be relied upon for responsible burning.

HETAS is a third party independent and impartial certification body that relies on first-hand review of test data from notified laboratories in checking that each appliance meets, and in critical areas, exceeds some of the most stringent limits set by tested standards and test methods. The scheme, while focused on particulate emissions, also provides the consumer and installer with assurance that the appliance listed meets all the relevant regulations in the UK as before, including safety and performance requirements, correct operation, and correct installation for HETAS registrants.

Calvin May, HETAS Head of Technical Services, says, “Concerns about domestic woodburning in the UK and its impact on air quality are very much front of mind for many and ultimately we all breathe the same air so, as an organisation we are dedicated to doing all we can to help push consumer choices towards cleaner burning technologies.

“In addition to administering DEFRA exemption, HETAS has put its years of experience in helping both those in the solid fuel appliance industry and consumers into developing a rigorous certification scheme that can really deliver emission improvements. It is also a badge of trust that a ‘cleaner choice’ has been made which is important as we all strive to reduce our environmental impact.”

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