Myson ULOW-E2 put to good use

Myson ULOW-E2 put to good use

Integrity Environmental Building Services has developed fourteen spacious apartments that not only boast views of the River Thames but also outstanding environmental credentials, with the help of Myson’s ULOW-E2.

Extensive planning and research has gone into each element of the building, including the installation of over fifty ULOW-E2 radiators.

“The project had to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4,” explains Dan Cook, Director, Integrity Environmental Building Services. “The well thought out design of the Myson ULOW-E2 made it the perfect heat emitter for the job; not only does the design make it compatible for use with low water temperature systems, the built-in fans distribute heat quickly for maximum comfort.

“Utilising the ULOW-E2 with air source heat pumps not only ensures the building meets the target green credentials, it also means that each apartment will be comfortably warm whilst keeping fuel costs to a minimum,” adds Dan.

The fourteen flats have been built within an existing commercial building, where two additional floors will be built internally, providing a selection of high quality one and two bedroom homes within easy reach of central London.

Specifically designed to work with lower system temperatures, and to produce high heat outputs from compact sizes, the ULOW-E2 uses innovative E2-Technology to automatically switch between static and dynamic operation in a single heat emitter. When operating in static mode, the ULOW-E2 functions as a traditional radiator, but when working in dynamic mode, built-in fans are activated, significantly enhancing the heat output. In order to keep temperatures comfortable and running costs to a minimum, E2-Technology ensures that dynamic operation will only ever activate when required, meaning that the ULOW-E2 combines the high heat output of a fan convector with the convenience of a radiator.

Myson’s ULOW-E2 has made it possible to reduce the operating temperatures of heat pump systems from 45°C to 38°C, while maintaining comfortable conditions within the space, all without increasing the size of the emitter.

“One particular feature that was beneficial to this project was the ULOW-E2 central connection,” explains Andrew Lowery, Product Manager for Myson. This simple idea allowed the installers to first fix the heating systems pipe work prior to having the final radiator sizes. As well as adding design flexibility, it also increases the efficiency of the radiator via better water distribution.

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