Mitsubishi Electric warms Warwickshire homes

Mitsubishi Electric warms Warwickshire homes

Renewable heating technology will be helping to keep residents warm in the first Passivhaus affordable homes in Warwickshire. Warwickshire Rural Housing Association (WRHA) is working with Mitsubishi Electric to provide the 14 properties with the latest renewable air source heat pumps to fuel their heating and hot water, in place of a traditional boiler.

Wilby Meadows, Regional Sales Manager, Renewable Heating for Mitsubishi Electric UK, said the most up-to-date air source heat pump technology had been developed in Japan and the company was very excited to be bringing it to the UK.

He said: “The Wootton Wawen development will use our Ecodan QUHZ models, which are the very latest development of air source heat pumps.

“This technology is already in use in Japanese homes. We started bringing this new model over to the UK about a year ago as we knew it would provide an ideal solution for new-build properties in the UK market, but we needed suitable homes in which to install it.

“The Ecodan QUHZ system has been designed specifically to address the heating needs of new-build homes, which have a very different requirement from existing properties. With superb levels of insulation, they need much less heating but still require hot water whenever the homeowner needs it.

“This is hugely important renewable technology and we are very excited to be involved in this energy efficient housing development.”

Mr Meadows, who is based at Mitsubishi Electric UK’s regional office near Solihull, said the technology involves siting a small air source heat pump outside each property instead of a large traditional boiler inside the property. This will not only help ensure running costs are kept to a minimum for residents, but will also reduce the carbon footprint of the development.

“Heat pumps are recognised as renewable technology by the Government which is predicting sales of 1 million heat pumps a year by 2030,” added Mr Meadows.

“The days of carbon-intensive heating such as gas and oil are rapidly coming to an end and we need solutions just like this development which combine the very best building techniques with the latest renewable forms of heating.”

The heat pump works by extracting heat energy from the external air and upgrading it to heat up hot water for the homes. This can then be fed through the taps inside the property or used to heat radiators for domestic heating.

The technology means that there is no need for pipelines to be laid to supply gas or oil to properties for heating or hot water, and no risk of dangerous carbon monoxide gas escaping.

Mr Meadows added: “This technology is safe, reliable and very renewable indeed. Passivhaus homes need very little heating because they are so energy efficient but every resident has their own needs, and our air source heat pumps will supply all the heat they want along with a constant supply of domestic hot water.”

Work on the first phase of the installation of the pumps is due to begin in the next couple of weeks and the final phase of the work will be completed in the New Year.

The Wootton Wawen development, next to the A3400, will comprise 14 properties for affordable rent and two for shared ownership. The scheme has been made possible through funding from Stratford-on-Avon District Council and the Homes and Communities Agency.

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