Level up your knowledge with Drayton

Level up your knowledge with Drayton

Drayton is making 2022 the year for education, helping installers stay up to date with the latest legislation and industry changes, whilst also helping to drive consumer demand for heating system improvements.

On The Drayton Community Facebook page, Drayton will be joined throughout the year by industry experts, including; Salford Test House advisor Richard Burrows, Clare Jackson from low-carbon consultancy Gemserv, guests from The Heating Hub, and many more.

Topics of these live sessions range from the future of heat, legislation updates and need-to-know information about the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme, through to simple steps that installers can take to help their customers reduce energy and save money, such as lowering flow temperatures, system balancing, zoning and selecting smarter heating controls.

Remi Volpe, Managing Director at Drayton, commented: “Whilst we’re all looking forward to what our net zero future might look like, it’s important to remember that the wide-scale move to renewables is still some way off and we should still be challenging ourselves to look at what can be done to improve the gas heating systems we’re going to rely on for the next 10 to 15 years.

“These live sessions aim to give installers the knowledge and tools they need to be able to make our existing heating systems more efficient and help their customers save money, at a time when energy bills are significantly increasing.”

The live Facebook sessions will complement Drayton’s wider plans for the year, which includes a consumer campaign focusing on upgrading their heating systems, on-the-road activity at different trade and consumer events throughout the year, and exciting product launches coming later this year.

Join The Drayton Community on Facebook to stay tuned for updates announcing the dates and topics for these different live sessions:

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