Kensa to reveal ‘next generation of home heating’ at online launch 

Kensa to reveal ‘next generation of home heating’ at online launch 

Ground Source Heat Pumps specialist, Kensa Heat Pumps, is set to unveil what it calls ‘the next generation of home heating and cooling’. 

At an online launch on 29th February, the company says it will reveal its solution to help bring heat pumps to the masses, decarbonise current and future homes and create green jobs. 

The launch will be presented by Kensa CEO, Tamsin Lishman, who’ll be joined by special guest Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the Climate Change Committee. 

The online launch will take place on 29 February 2024 at 2 pm. Registrations can be completed online here

Tamsin Lishman, CEO of Kensa Heat Pumps, said: “Mass adoption of heat pumps, including Ground Source Heat Pumps, will grow the economy, create green jobs and bring people out of fuel poverty.  

“We are about to embark upon the biggest transformation in home heating since the conversion to natural gas fifty years ago. We will show how the next generation of Ground Source Heat Pumps can provide millions with long-lasting clean, energy-efficient home heating and cooling.” 

By 2030 Kensa plans to deliver 70,000 ground source heat pumps a year, a move that the company says will create 7,000 green jobs and put more people in control over when they heat their homes. 

Registrations for the online launch are open now. 

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